Why Recruit in Canada Education Fairs?

At the Recruit in Canada in-person Fairs, we group exhibitors by country to make it easy for visitors to navigate their way around the expo, and to find your university. Click on your country to see which universities have exhibited from your area.

The Reputation:

Recruit in Canada has built a strong reputation over its 30 years of organizing student recruitment fairs in Canada. This solid reputation is based on a commitment to promote high levels of academia, training, and personal development; understanding recruiters’ goals and exhibitors’ needs; and the ability to provide excellent customer service, pre- and post-fair.

The Focus:

We focus our efforts on providing exhibitors the platform from which to reach students in Canada. We know what students in Canada are looking for and match the event’s offerings to those needs by providing sound information, keeping students engaged and informed

The Timing:

Our events are timed around the average student cycle to ensure appropriate planning and application lead times; as well, with the fairs being held in early Fall and in Spring, the days are brighter and longer and generally the weather is better, making it more pleasant for visitors to come out and attend.

Quality Visitors:

Visitors are goal-oriented and serious about their future; they understand the importance of making the right choice about their education and experiential travel plans.

Targetted Promotions:

Our emphasis is on promoting to the right target market, so that the time spent at the events is fruitful and relevant, both for the exhibitors and the visitors. The majority of our resources are spent on promoting the event in order to attract the right visitors for the exhibitors. The event is promoted to visitors as the Study and Go Abroad Fairs.

Multiple Exposure:

Participating institutions receive a free profile in the fair guide and on the student website (

Truly International:

Recruit in Canada events host participating institutions from around the world. Exhibitors from over 50 countries have attended the fairs.

Professional, Friendly, Flexible:

The Recruit in Canada Team supports the needs of the exhibitors through a high level of customer service and many years of experience.


Recruit in Canada events are priced fairly and offer maximum value for marketing budgets. We offer lots of added value through the multiple exposure, as well as the extras we do to make the exhibitors’ experience at the fairs as comfortable and convenient as possible.