Facts and Figures:

Toronto, Ontario

Greater Toronto Area (aka GTA), made up of 25 member municipalities and four regions


5.94 million (2012 census) in the GTA; largest metropolitan area in Canada and the fifth largest in North America

Age Breakdown:

45% under age 35;
14% between 25-34;
6.8% between 20-24;
5.8% between 15-19

Median Family Income:

$ 69,740

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is a wonderfully multi-ethnic metropolis. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, this dynamic city and business centre sprawls out to the countless communities that make up the GTA, one of North America’s most vibrant regions. Toronto abounds in investment and employment opportunities in such diverse fields as banking and financial services, fashion, and film and television production, and also boasts a thriving arts community.

Ontario has the largest number of post-secondary institutions in Canada, and they are experiencing an unprecedented demand: The universities and colleges in Ontario are experiencing large numbers of applicants that they cannot accommodate due to lack of available space in very competitive programs. In addition, this year, the over-subscription to Ontario universities is also increased by the number of adults who are seeking new careers and/or upgrading of credentials due to the recession which has caused layoffs and downsizing in business and industry.

The GTA also boasts the largest number of independent schools in all of Canada. And the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is also the largest in Canada, and fourth largest in North America. International students from around the world come to Toronto for academic preparation, with plans to carry on in a higher education program within Canada or abroad.