Florida, USA


Facts and Figures:

Miami, FL, USA

According to the Global Cities Survey (2015), Miami ranked fourth in quality of life, ninth in economic activity, eight in political power and tenth in knowledge and influence.

Miami has the 11th highest GDP in the USA, and there is a high demand for quality education.  It’s not surprising therefore that some of the nation’s most prestigious private schools are located here. Miami-Dade County school district is the 4th largest in the US, and County Broward, is the 6th largest.

Southern Florida is known for its sophisticated public school system, with a better than average student:teacher ratio, which translates to a high percentage of students going on to post-secondary education (65%).

The Miami metropolitan area is home to 59 colleges, universities and vocational schools. The largest post-secondary institutions in and around Miami are Miami-Dade College (60,000+ students), Florida International University (50,000 students), Broward College (43,000 students) and Nova Southern University (20,000 students).

The Study and Go Abroad Fair will be held on-campus at the University of Miami (Coral Gables), a private university serving 15,000 students.

Miami has one of the most diverse cultures in the USA and offers residences, visitors and students an international atmosphere.

Metropolitan Miami Student Numbers

Secondary School Students: 90,000
Undergraduate Students: 200,000